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  AANW.ORG : CCAP - Background Checks

Apartment Association of Northeastern Wisconsin  
P.O. Box 1914  
Green Bay, WI 54305-1914  

CCAP - Wisconsin (and Other)Background Checks

One of the benefits of membership! Most people are still unaware of the CCAP site. You can use this to do several types of will do a criminal background check, and a partial credit check (civil judgements). You can also get an eviction list by month by county out of here. we will explain soon. The rest are for other States.


Wons Background Investigations

CCAP - WI State Circuit Court Record Access
This link takes you to the State Public Records Access Location. You can type in a person's name, and do both criminal and civil background checks. And it is all free!

Use this to check your applicants! it is another great screening tool.

Chicago (Cook County)Circuit Court Records
The State of Illinois does not have a statewide equivalent to CCAP. But Chicago has their own! May be useful!

A Survey Summarizing What Each State offers

Check the discussion by State at the bottom of the article.


Court Records Nationwide
If it is online, they have it.

Nationwide links to all Online Courts
Freee Access

Great background discussion about Online Court Access

Court Rules, Forms, and Dockets
Natioinwide info, vast site

Iowa Circuit Court Records
Iowa Online Court Records

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